Dj Ryan Hadwick answers Poplock Paul question

Dj Ryan Hadwick & bubbly Rachal...

Poplock Paul asks Dj Ryan Hadwick 'What do you think of the current music situation generally in Bognor Regis & the UK?
Bognor Regis Music
Dj Ryan Hadwick: The current climate is incredibly important for music, it's the hardest time for the entertainment world but as entertainment we have to try and adapt....
Poplock: Like you did with 'LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK' FaceBook Group which aims to raise charity for the NHS and entertains visitors to your music sessions !!

Dj Ryan Hadwick: Live streams and even small video shows help keep music alive at a time when people need a escape from the stresses of the pandemic,
Poplock: I have to say that I do enjoy listening to the music sessions you Dj's play Fri & Sat nights on 'LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK' !!

Dj Ryan Hadwick: Music has always been used as a escape and to drift away into different emotions.... music is always a been a critical cultural human necessity to celebrate the highs and lows of life and now more than ever is needed,
Poplock: I concur, music helps me dance and relax, it is like a different dimension. I believe Music & Dance can be a way to celebrate we are still alive and able bodied.

Dj Ryan Hadwick: Although it's now harder than ever to make a living from music due to the conditions we face under the pandemic, this is not the point of music! and that's why many have adapted to provide music for its real purpose in cleansing the soul and used as that needed escape.
Poplock: Thank you for your thoughts today & I agree, this pandemic has certainly caused a few issues, I know of many dancers & people who's lives and prospects have been postponed or stopped and ruined. Music & Dance to me is more about reaching a high state of being relaxed, fit and hopefully passing on the message of peace.

Poplock Paul thanks Dj Ryan Hadwick and his thoughts on 'What do you think of the current music situation generally in Bognor Regis & the UK?

Sometimes I just listen to your sessions and chat with other visitors listening to your musical video sets, sometimes I play a game or I may dance or do some training like weights and Martial Arts... I hope you guys keep up the good work as it also reminds me of the Bognor Regis night life we had, I am pretty sure we will be in venues soon so I wish for that soon and that you guys will get back into it, which I am sure you will do. Thanks for you thoughts that you have shared today...

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