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Dejay Les Dickens on form...

Poplock Paul asks Dj Les Dickens 'What do you think of the current music situation generally, like Bognor Regis and the UK?'
Bognor’s Music Scene.
Having been in the Bognor Regis area now since 2009 I have seen it change from a diverse range of music across all the local pubs where you could go to a different pub on any given night and have a variety of different entertainment. Some louder than others, live bands, karaoke, DJ Nights but predominantly all playing to a different audience and the town was very sociable.

Then there seemed to be a downturn and everyone wanted to do it cheap and quality entertainment was replaced with anybody that would do it for free beer and a chance to get there name out there rather than concentrate on the venue, the audience and a shocking wave of self self promotion instead of love for entertaining took over and the town and venues started to become stagnant and by 2011 the town had all but lost the variety of entertainment.
Pubs began to close and people now started to stop coming out as the same thing was being laid out at different venues by the same group of people all destined to be big names but cheapened the whole entertainment industry by charging very little and taking free beer instead. The difference was noticed and people as I say stopped coming out.
Around the end of 2012 it started to pick back up again but for only a few places. The emergence of and subsequent closure of places showed the complacency that had been introduced into the town over same same same everywhere.
Jack Rabbits came and went pretty quickly, the long established Railway changed hands and names numerous times but couldn’t replicate the numbers through the doors that they had once previously had. Cheers Bar and The Alex were always live music venues but as every bar tried to do the same things again cheaper and cheaper all we ended up doing was watering down the talent and the customer base so in the end none were viable and the booming nightlife and entertainment soon resorted to free jukebox and pool.
The once vibrant night life and music entertainment of Bognor had been severely damaged by short sighted blinkered managements and ego driven entertainers. Those with passion spread their wings and filtered into. Neighbouring towns and villages to give their talents and expertise to new venues and people across West Sussex and Hampshire and while Bognor Music Scene suffered elsewhere venues were being packed with talent that should never have left Bognor.
However, come into the later part of the 2010s and a new emergence of venue managers and a fairly decent realism of what had all but killed the town of entertainment and Greta music and we see an upturn in the night life. There were still a few places that though cheap cheap cheap was better but their numbers and therefore enjoyment factor of great music and entertainment were not as great as the venues that embraced the local talent and had the vision of moving Bognor forward again for great music and nights out.
Right now of course we are silent but prior to lockdown there were some great venues with some great talent bringing a nightlife culture back into this holiday town. As i said earlier I am not originally from Bognor but I see its potential and I see its ability to rally round and embrace culture and entertainment. Once again a variety of music and entertainment is being offered and it began to grown once more into a great social nightlife. There is enough venues in Bognor to do a different style of music and entertainment, the copy them and copy that culture of early 2010 and late 2000s has progressed into building back up this great town and great venues. Variety really is the spice of life and now that we have managers who are paying the going rate the music scene within this lovely town was thriving once more. Each night something different in most venues appealing to different ages and crowds. Let’s hope after lockdown it returns once more as Bognor Music Scene has so much to offer everybody.

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