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Bognorphenia event in September 2019...

How long have I known about Kez & Bognorphenia ?
I know I used to work about 2014 as a Doorman & Event Security when I met Kez as I was working on the doors of the then 'ROYAL HOTEL' on the Bognor Regis seafront, it was if I remember a special first 'Bognorphenia' event with many mopeds arriving and parking up on the road between the beach, pier and the 'Royal Hotel' and was a great day. I suspect I have known Kez longer maybe best part of a decade.
Kez organizes a lot of events for young people, etc:
Since that first event I have seen or been to a lot of events which Kez has organised, I can remember that there was a 'Southern Soul' event on Sundays at the 'Waverly' in a back room where we would dance and drink socially, I couldn't make them all as sometimes I had to work.
What is Bognorphenia
When I first heard of Bognorphenia there was a lot of mopeds and their owners, in fact I know a few moped owners well such as Simon, even in the Sep 2019 event in Hotham Park I pictured many of the mopeds and indeed I met Simon again after all these years. It is great when you meet old friends at these events even many years later.
Bognorphenia is a community of activity
Over the years I have seen 'Bognorphenia' flourish under the guidance & organisation of 'Kez' and has branched out to aid the community in many ways but, where I think when some groups branch out and change it loses something but not for 'Kez' and the 'Bognorphenia Community' which over the years has gone from strength to strength in its now many events but despite the current lock down has continued to grow.
In short Bognorphenia is an outstanding entertainment provider who makes an event a great experience.
Over the years I have had many good experiences when Kez has been there and one feels safe !!
Bognorphenia Hotham Park Dancing Event video 2019 v229
Poplock Paul comment:
I do these shout outs and reviews every so often, been busy for awhile so it has been long overdue that I do this. I think Rox 2017 was the last BIG project where I raised awareness to 68,000+ visitors that year online. I do this more for Bognor Regis Music & Dance, Causes & Events. I done other smaller events, mostly filming, dancing & sharing. These are my thought or and opinions based on knowing these Artists for many years, whether I have been involved in Security work, as an Entertainer or simply there as a Customer of some venue or event. I get time off for good behaviour.

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