Shaun Pearcey Shout-out by Poplock Paul On Project2020

Dejay Shaun Pearcey...

How long have I known Dejay Shaun Pearcey ?
I know we got Dejay Shaun on the back of a lorry. Seeriously that was the Gala in 2014 !!
I am sure I knew of Shaun long before from a Nightclub venue in Bognor Regis and that could be as long ago as 2012 so I guess that would be about 8 years or so. He used to keep all the customers entertained, even in those early days he was sharp and friendly. I could tell by the customers that he was well liked and in fact made everyone relaxed and when he was on was a solid good Dejay.
Shaun Pearcey made every customer happy & welcome.
As a Doorman back then I remember the customers being excited when Dejay Shaun was on, I can recall Shaun was always honest and just said what was on his mind. Even when we went out for a couple of drinks, his honesty and straight forward views made one relax and there was no beating around the bush but Dejay Shaun was a fun guy and up for many things including joining us on the back of a lorry for parades like the local Gala in 2016...
Short Summary of Dejay Shaun Pearcey
There are times when I lose contact with many people due to my work, but this winter gone I bumped into Shaun and a friend of his in the early hours of the morning, it is a good 1 mile run for me and a mile back from a local 24 hour Maccies. One night was cold and icey and Shaun offered me a lift back to my place which was a nice gesture. I am used to training at night but that was a very cold and icey night, that is Dejay Shaun as he cares for everyone, I knew he would settle in because the Dejay's I know all care and offer the Venues and customers the best in entertainment and do a great job.
In short Shaun Pearcey is an outstanding entertainer who makes an evening a great experience.
Over the years I have had many good events when Shaun has been the Dejay !!
One short clip which shows DJ Shaun & I where at the 2014 Gala.
Despite the lock down you can find, like tonight - Foundry Friday LIVE tonight from facebook, 10-11pm on Live Stream Entertainment Network
You can find Dejay Shaun Pearcey & other great Dejays of which some I hope to review too, Like Ryan Hadwick & Les Dickens. I created this shout-out on Fri 8th May 2020.
Poplock Paul comment:
I do these shout outs and reviews every so often, been busy for awhile so it has been long overdue that I do this. I think Rox 2017 was the last BIG project where I raised awareness to 68,000+ visitors that year online. I do this more for Bognor Regis Music & Dance, Causes & Events. I done other smaller events, mostly filming, dancing & sharing. These are my thought or and opinions based on knowing these Artists for many years, whether I have been involved in Security work, as an Entertainer or simply there as a Customer of some venue or event. I get time off for good behaviour.

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