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As I view these stats of the first 3 weeks I'm glad it reached 11,117 visitors to the Project2020 site which I have built, and has passed through Dejays Ryan, Les & Shaun pages & link to their 'LIVE STREAM ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK' some 3,371 visitors. Looking at those Stats earlier I can see that has jumped to 16k for Project2020 and over 4k for LIVESTREAM as I have placed a link there which is the second lower stats in this pages picture.
The Link is below which is on the Dejays pages and I get Stats which also lets me know which website is linked and how many visitors came through those websites which I shall explain in a minute, I get a lot of feedback on what works and what does not.

So why did I start this Web Dance Project in 2007 ?
In short I was going through a traumatic change in life, and was looking to further my passion for dance back and improve my Filming & Blogging skills and having met some keen people who were covering events like the Rox, Bognor Gala & public entertainment parades and events so I attended and liked it.
As a Door Supervisor I made every customer happy & welcome.
As a Doorman back then I remember the customers being excited, looking forward to which Dejay was on or what band. Sometimes I was there to work or at times I was there as a customer for a drink & dance. There was many good nights and lots of good music and strange funny things going on but all in all it was in good spirits.
So what else did I see in the stats
On my Webmaster tools I can see which page attracted the most hits, Dejay Ryans page is in Google and attracted 4,635 visitors whilst the later pages for Dejay Shaun attracted 66 & Dejay Les attracted 82 visitors but Dejay Ryan was on the sites first page early on and also his page got good traction for being in Google.
This is what I like about working on web sites.
I also have a few other Webmasters who for my past help have sent me some of their visitors by linking to this website which helps & I will be sending them as part of my link sharing project at least double visitors in return. Here are a few of them, Epizy 210 - B259 168 - EME 32 - FTB 1113 - there was at least 3,247 visitors so thanks for that.
Please visit my YTChannel, thanks.
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Poplock Paul comment:
I do these shout outs and reviews every so often, been busy for awhile so it has been long overdue that I do this. I think Rox 2017 was the last BIG project where I raised awareness to 68,000+ visitors that year online. I do this more for Bognor Regis Music & Dance, Causes & Events. I done other smaller events, mostly filming, dancing & sharing. These are my thought or and opinions based on knowing these Artists for many years, whether I have been involved in Security work, as an Entertainer or simply there as a Customer of some venue or event. I get time off for good behaviour.

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